Suspending parking bays

Parking bays may be suspended from use for reasons such as:

  • domestic removals (suspensions cannot be used for preferential parking and once a bay is suspended no vehicle is permitted to park in the bay. This includes removal vehicles.)
  • building works
  • funerals or weddings
  • access to or from a site

A suspension may apply to 1 bay or a larger area if necessary. One bay suspension includes the length of 2 bays (10 metres maximum or 2 normal car lengths).

Yellow lines cannot be suspended.

Vehicles that park within a notified bay suspension will be issued with a parking ticket (Penalty Charge Notice) in accordance with the restrictions indicated on the sign.

Notice required

You are required to give a minimum of 10 working days as notice to suspend a bay.

Late applications for emergency works are not guaranteed but will be considered. These requests must be received before noon Monday to Friday (excluding public and bank holidays).

We will not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused if spaces are occupied.

Charges and how to apply

Type of bay Current charge
All pay and display parking bays in Bognor Regis town centre, The Esplanade and Marine Drive West £35 plus daily charge of:
Days 1 to 28: £10
Days 29 to 56: £20
Days 57 to 84: £20
Permit bays with the Bognor Regis Controlled Parking Zone £35 plus daily charge of:
Days 1 to 28: £10
Days 29 to 56: £20
Days 57 to 84: £20
All other bays within the Arun District Council area £35 standing charge

To apply

Suspensions applications are now virtual via Mipermit. Please ensure you upload a map with your application and any further details are written in the box provided.

Apply for a suspension

Amendments or extensions

A new application form must be completed for amendments or extensions to existing suspensions. A notice period of 3 days is required and an administration charge is payable in addition to the daily charge.

Completed works and cancellations

If works are completed prior to the end date of the suspension or you wish to cancel the suspension, you should notify us by email:

Email us to cancel or end a parking bay suspension

or by phoning: 01903 737655

Any charges already paid are non-refundable.