Penalty Charge Notices

Enforcement for all parking, both on street and off street will continue during the current lockdown period.


A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) is an official notice issud to a vehicle which is contravening a parking restriction or regulation. They are issued under the Civil Parking Enforcement Regulations 2007. Penalty Charge Notices could be issued for parking:

  • On single or double yellow lines
  • Without a valid resident or visitor permit within controlled parking zones
  • In disabled bays without a valid disabled badge
  • Without a valid pay and display ticket or parking disc
  • For longer than permitted in limited waiting bays

If you have received a PCN, you can:


Pay it

Payment can be made online or by calling 0330 041 6497. You can pay cash at any post office or outlet displaying the PayPoint sign, or you can send a cheque made payable to Arun District Council to the address at the bottom of this page.

You will need to include the PCN reference number (beginning with AR or AZ) and the registration number of the vehicle concerned.

There are two levels of PCN depending on the severity of the contravention. The higher band is £70.00 (reduced to £35.00 if paid within 14 days) and the lower band is £50.00 (reduced to £25.00 if paid within 14 days). If the penalty is paid late, the fine increases to £105.00 for the higher band and £75.00 for the lower band. This may be more if Arun District Council has to pursue the debt through the use of Enforcement Agents.


Challenge it

If you believe the PCN was issued incorrectly, you have the right to challenge it. The easiest way to do this is to complete the online appeal form


Further information

The council will pursue the registered keeper for payment, regardless of who was in charge of the vehicle when the PCN was issued.

Unpaid charges will ultimately be recovered through the use of an Enforcement Agency.

If you have lost your PCN, please email including your vehicle registration number. We will respond with the details you will need to either pay or challenge the ticket.


Civil Parking Enforcement

Arun District Council took over Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) on July 5, 2010 as an agent for West Sussex County Council.

Civil Parking Enforcement means clearer, safer streets and reduces congestion. It also improves the environment and helps the economy by making sure that on-street parking designed for short stay shopping trips is not abused. Civil Enforcement Officers are also able to target abuse of bays designed for people with disabilities and other areas of public concern. CPE also ensures that roads are clear of obstruction for emergency vehicles.

Vehicles that contravene parking regulations and restrictions will be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice. It is standard procedure for the officers to take pictures of the vehicle that is being issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). The penalty charges are set at £70 for more serious offences and £50 for a less serious offence - these carrying a 50% legal reduction to £35 and £25 respectively if paid within the first 14 days. If a PCN remains unpaid it will increase by 50% (£105 and £75 respectively) on the issue of a Charge Certificate. Ultimately unpaid debts will be recovered by Enforcement Agents, which will incur additional charges, by issuing of a warrant to execute in reclaiming the debt. You have the right of making a Representation to an independent adjudicator if you wish to challenge the PCN and have had your appeal rejected by the council at the first formal stage.

Civil Enforcement Officers receive a basic wage, and there are no quotas or targets for issuing Penalty Charges Notices. They are trained to be fair but firm with a focus on service quality. Their job is simply to get drivers to obey parking control measures and issue a PCN where a contravention has taken place. Civil Enforcement Officers will not be allowed to accept payment, and will be under strict instructions that once a PCN has been issued, it cannot be withdrawn. Any discretion necessary is applied in the appeals process.

Any income from PCNs issued through CPE will meet the costs of administering the new system. Any surpluses are ’ring-fenced’ by law - which means they must be spent locally on transport or parking improvements.

Please see: West Sussex Parking Policy 2018.docx [docx] 3MB