How to comment on planning applications

We welcome your views on all planning applications that are open to public comments.

Most types of planning applications have a 21 day consultation period in which you can make comments. All comments received during this period will be taken into account.

A comment can be made:

  • in support of an application
  • to object to an application
  • no objection – where you do not object but wish a comment to be taken into consideration, for example request obscure glazing if being overlooked or raise concern about bats on the site

When your comment will appear

All comments are available to view on our website within 5 days of us receiving them. There will always be a delay in being able to see a comment. This is because each comment has to be manually checked and any personal information redacted if necessary. 

Please allow the full 5 days to pass before reporting that you are unable to view a comment.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to respond to each representation individually but your comments will be carefully considered before the application is determined.

What to include

Only include information that you are happy for others to see as all comments, including your name and address, will be published on our website. 

When making a comment please do not include:

  • your signature
  • your contact number
  • any information you do not want to publish online
  • comments of a personal, slanderous, defamatory or otherwise offensive or abusive nature (these may result in actions for libel)

For further information on what we do with your information see our privacy policy regarding comments on planning applications.

How to make a comment


  1. Search for the application.
  2. Open the application and use the Enter Comment button. Please make sure you select the correct option in the For or Against field.

Planning application search 

By email

You can also email comments to  Remember to include the application reference so we know which application you want to comment on.

What we'll consider

Examples of comments that can be taken into account when deciding an application:  

  • loss of privacy
  • overshadowing
  • design
  • highway safety
  • traffic and parking
  • noise (from the proposed use, not building works during construction)
  • incompatible uses
  • scale of development
  • appearance of development
  • wildlife
  • trees
  • flooding
  • effect on conservation areas and/or listed buildings     

We will not consider

Examples of comments that cannot be taken into account when deciding an application:

  • personal issues with neighbours
  • loss of private views
  • business competition
  • noise or disturbance during building operations
  • loss of property value
  • private covenants
  • boundary disputes
  • impact of private rights of access

We reserve the right to remove any information that we consider to be defamatory or breaches equalities or any other legislation. Our decision is final. If complaints are received about the content of any comments we will, where appropriate, seek legal advice before taking any action.

What happens next

If you make a comment we will inform you of the outcome of the application. 

If the application needs to go to our Planning Committee you will be informed and invited to apply to speak at the meeting. 


We will also inform you if there is a subsequent planning appeal about a condition or refusal on the application. In this case all comments received on the original application will be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate and will be published on their website. They will redact any signatures, telephone numbers and email addresses.

Please note that for some appeals relating to a refusal on a householder, advert or certain minor commercial applications there is no further opportunity to make comments. The Planning Inspectorate will only consider the comments made on the original planning application.