Planning Compliance

The planning department is not open to visitors due to the fact that staff are continuing to work from home and there is  restricted access to the Council Offices. All applications, documents, comments on applications  and compliance complaints must be submitted electronically. Planning applications need to be made on the planning portal,  CIL forms need to be emailed to , comments on applications need to be made on the online by searching for the application and entering a comment  and compliance forms must be made on the online form

IMPORTANT :  New legislation relating to the temporary provisions of takeaway food

A new Class DA has been introduced to the Town & Country Planning General Permitted Development Order 2015 under Schedule 2, Part 3 to allow a change of use from any of A3, A4, A3 + A4, or a “drinking establishment with expanded food provision” to a temporary use for the “provision of takeaway food” during the 1 year period from to 23/3/21. Please consult Statutory Instrument SI 330/2020 for full details via:


Planning Compliance

Compliance is a planning service offered to those who suspect alleged breaches of planning control are taking place.  In order for a thorough investigation to commence, we require a written complaint using our online form or a letter sent to the Compliance team to the address as set out at the bottom of this page.

This complaint should include the site address, nature of complaint and any supporting materials such as photographs. Please note that anonymous complaints are not investigated.

When investigating a complaint, we may ask you to fill in a Diary of Events Form [doc] 34KB. To record the activities which you believe are breaches of planning for a 21 day period. This will enable the Compliance Team to decide what action is appropriate.


What constitutes a breach of planning control?

  • Carrying out of development without the necessary planning permission
  • Non-compliance with conditions resulting from planning permission
  • Works to a Listed Building without the relevant Listed Building Consent and/or planning permission - Listed Building information
  • Works to a tree with a Tree Preservation Order or tree within a Conservation Area Further information can be found on the Tree Preservation Orders page
  • Displaying a sign or advertisement without relevant Advertisement Consent.  Please check with a member of the Compliance Team for specific details relating to this legislation.
  • Unauthorised demolition of certain buildings within a Conservation Area.
  • Land or buildings in such poor condition that it adversely affects the amenity of the area.


What does not constitute a breach of planning control?

  • Boundary disputes. These are a civil matter and must be pursued privately. Please also refer to the  Party Wall Explanation Booklet [pdf] 3MB
  • Breaches of deeds and covenants.
  • Property devaluation and reduction in Council Tax.  The devaluation of property values and any tax relief as a result of development is not a material planning consideration and cannot be considered by the Local Planning Authority when determining applications or taking enforcement action.
  • Insertion of windows.  However, first check with the Planning Department if there is a Permitted Development restriction on the site or the property is a Listed Building, or a flat.
  • Protection of wildlife - this is a police issue unless covered by a planning condition.
  • Parking of commercial vehicles on the road.
  • Parking a touring caravan within a residential boundary of a property.
  • Building works on pavements. Please refer to West Sussex County Council - Highways and Transport
  • Adhering to Fire Regulations.
  • Internal alterations unless it is a Listed Building. Please refer to the Building Control section
  • Noise pollution. Please refer to the Noise Pollution page
  • Light pollution. Please refer to the Light Pollution page


For information on how complaints will be prioritised and how it is determined whether action should be taken please see the Final Planning Compliance Strategy.docx [docx] 71KB  booklet.