Planning Validation Requirements Interactive Map

Until further notice due to the Coronavirus we are unable to accept PAPER planning applications, comments on planning applications, compliance complaints or forms relating to the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) as all staff are now working from home. Planning applications must be made electronically via the planning portal . Comments on planning applications must be made on the online by searching for the application on the website and entering a comment , compliance complaints must be made on the online form and the submission of CIL forms (with the exception of CIL Form 1 which must be submitted with the planning application itself) must be sent to

There is currently no change to the Council’s scheme of delegation and some applications will still need to be determined at a Committee meeting. The Council has recently adopted new procedures in line with the Coronavirus Act 2020 to allow for Development Control Committees to be  held ‘virtually’. The Government sent a letter to local councils recently, which is attached here: Chief Planners Newsletter - March 2020.pdf [pdf] 135KB .

We will not issue any delegated officer decision to approve a major application or a minor application where there are a significant number of objections and the Parish/Town Council have not had the opportunity to comment because of the Covid 19 Pandemic until consultation has been carried out with the Chairman of the Development Control Committee and Portfolio Holder for Planning to confirm that they are in agreement that a decision can be issued.

An interactive map has been set up to assist applicants to identify whether their development site falls within areas which mean there are  specific validation requirements. The map should be used in conjunction with the validation requirements list for the type of application you are applying for.The lists can be found at

When you open the map it shows the whole of the Arun District . You can search for a specific address in the Search Address…box at the top of the screen. Do not click on the pin on the site as this will only confirm the address of the site and not pull back the validation data. Click somewhere else in the site and it will pull back any data that is at that point in an attributes box. If you are dealing with a large site, you will need to click on several points around the site to ensure you get all of the data.  Unfortunately some of the data is held as a point rather than an area and this info is indicated as a green circle and unless you click within the green circle you will not pull back the data.

You can also just click into and area of the map  and zoom in using the plus and minus icons at the bottom Left of the map . Click and drag with your mouse to move around the map

The information in the attributes box will indicate the planning application validation requirement that should refer to for further details of what may be required and the show more details will give you a link back to the page with the validation lists

Click here for link to interactive map