Pre-Application Advice

This service is available to assist you in preparing Licensing Act 2003 applications with a view to diminishing issues which may arise during the licence application process as a result of a poorly drafted application. We cannot predetermine the outcome of any application submitted but we can give you expert advice and highlight any potential issues and advice on how applications may be approached.

We can provide advice and guidance on new and variation applications for:

  • Premises licences
  • Club premises certificates

What does the service provide?

  • We will assist you to complete application forms including the operating schedule
  • We will provide advice in line with the Council’s adopted statement of licensing policy
  • We will advise you regarding the role of Responsible Authorities and undertake basic enquiries on your behalf if required
  • We can highlight to you particular issues you may need to consider for your specific application
  • Advice will be provided on how to draw up plans for your premises which are required with your application in line with regulations
  • Advice regarding advertising your application and we will provide you with the notices that you will be required to display at your premises (also available to customers not using this service)
  • Advice regarding how to nominate an appropriate person as Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS)
  • We will provide basic advice regarding areas on which you should consider staff training
  • Advice on the process and what to expect

Please try our pre-application advice service.

Fees for pre-application advice

Small applications £120

This includes up to two hours officer time. Includes meeting but not site visit.

Small applications will typically be businesses that occupy a small floor area and where licensable activities are ancillary to the nature of the business (i.e. small convenience stores, restaurants etc)

Medium scale applications £180

This includes three hours officer time. Includes site visit and meeting.

This would include small to medium sized public houses, restaurants with bars, smaller late night venues.

Large scale application £280 (additional £56 for Environmental Health Officer advice if requested)

This includes up to five hours advice. Applications which require considerable time and possibly multiple site visits and liaison with EHO if you would like us to.

This would typically be for large scale events, nightclubs and large pubs, large sites.

Additional hours rate charged at £56 per hour or part thereof payable in advance.

We will provide advice free of charge to those who qualify for an exemption from statutory fees.


Advice will be provided to you by one of an experienced team of officers. The advice given will not include that of any responsible authorities, with the exception of environmental health if you have requested advice. Responsible authorities and any other persons have a legal right to make representations in respect of a licence application. If the licensing authority receives representations the discretion of the licensing subcommittee will be engaged to determine the application according to its own merits. You should be aware that the Council’s officers are unable to provide any guarantees regarding decisions on applications. A decision cannot be made until an application has been formally submitted and a statutory consultation has been undertaken. The officer that provides pre-application advice will not be the same officer that considers the application.