Privacy notice HELAA, Brownfield Land and Self Build Register

Our HELAA, Brownfield Land and self build register privacy notice explains how we use your personal information and tells you about your privacy rights and how the law protects you.

We collect information about you in order to provide you with the following service: to enable the public to submit site information to the planning policy team for consideration in the preparation of planning policy documents and to allow the public to register their interest in building or commissioning your own home.

Information we collect

We use a database to hold contacts who have submitted sites to be included within our Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) and Brownfield Land Register (BLR). The database also holds any information submitted to us for purposes such as site details, site plans and any correspondence. We also have a database to hold contacts who wish to be added to the Self Build Register (SBR). Information on these can be found on our website page HELAA, brownfield land and self build registers.

We collect the following information:

  • name
  • company/organisation (if applicable)
  • home/business address
  • telephone number
  • email address
  • status, for example owner of site, planning agent, local resident

Why we collect this information

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires us to prepare a HELAA which is a strategic assessment of land available for development.

The Town and Country Planning (Brownfield Land Register) Regulations 2017 require us to maintain a Brownfield Land Register of previously developed sites within the district, which may be capable of being redeveloped or converted to provide housing-led development.

The Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015 (as amended by the Housing and Planning Act 2016) requires us to keep a self-build and custom housebuilding register to hold details of people interested in custom or self-build options.

The collection of this information enables us to perform these functions and ensure that the information remains up to date. It also allows us to contact those identified as having an interest in the land/property to request more information and to keep them informed of the process.

Who we might share your information with

In relation to the HELAA and BLR, only site details will be made publically available. Name, company/organisation (if applicable), home/business address, telephone number, email address, status e.g. owner of site, planning agent, local resident will not be made publically available. All information can be viewed by our officers in an un-redacted form internally on the planning database.

In relation to the SBR, no information is made publically available. All information can be viewed by our officers internally on the database. Other internal departments may wish to access planning policy information and all information from the public domain will be shared with other internal departments.

What we do with your information

The HELAA and BLR data is held on the database and used for preparing the HELAA and BLR annually which informs the Local Plan and other planning policy documents. The SBR data is stored as a record on the database and may be used in the future for planning policy preparation.

How long we keep your information

All information submitted will be kept indefinitely until the record is no longer required. For example until the site has been developed.

Your rights

You do have some legal rights in respect of the personal information we collect from you. Please see our Privacy policy page for further details.

If you have a concern about the way we are collecting or using your personal data, you should raise your concern with us in the first instance or directly to the Information Commissioner’s Office at:

You can also contact our Data Protection Officer by email at