Rent increases

Your rent will be increasing from 1 April 2024. Find out more about the rise and what you may need to do about it on this page.

Why rents are increasing 

The rent money you pay is used to provide our services to you as tenants, including maintaining and repairing our properties. We are only allowed to use your rent payments to support services directly related to housing. 

To ensure we can continue to offer you the best possible services, we are increasing the amount of rent we charge this year. 

The increase 

This year (2024/25) your rent will increase by 7.7% from 1 April 2024. You will receive a letter showing your new rent and service charges for the coming year.  

Rent setting guidance from the Government allows social housing providers to increase rent based on the September consumer price index (CPI) plus an additional 1%, so their income keeps up with price inflation. The CPI for September was 6.7%.

Utility charges 

Utility charges are based on actual consumption for the previous year (2023/24) and change based on annual usage and unit costs. 

You will receive a letter showing your new charges for the coming year. Due to the rising costs in energy residents will see an increase in their utility charges.

There is support and advice services available if you are concerned about rising energy prices. Please visit our cost of living pages to find out more. 

What you need to do 

If you’re on benefits 

Universal Credit 

You must tell Universal Credit (UC) that your rent has changed as soon as possible on or after 1 April 2024. You need to tell them before they decide the amount of your next monthly payment.

UC should ask you whether your rent has increased, if they don’t then on your online account you should select ‘report a change’ and then ‘where you live and what it costs’ you will then be asked to put in your new rent and the date when it increased. This information can be found on your rent notification letter.

If you forget, do it as soon as possible as any delays may cause you to be paid the incorrect amount and result in rent arrears. 

Housing Benefit 

Our benefits team know about the rent increase and will assess your housing benefit with the new rents.  
You must always inform the benefits department if there have been any other changes in your circumstances

Paying your rent 

Direct Debit 

Your Direct Debit will automatically be adjusted, and your Direct Debit instruction will be updated from your April 2024 payment. We will tell you the new amount we will be taking before the first payment is due. 

Standing order 

You will need to amend your Standing Order with your bank to ensure it covers the new rent amount from April 2024. 

Paying online or via Allpay 

Make sure the payments you make are correct and cover the new rent amount. 

If you don’t pay your rent 

Payment of your rent and service charge should be a top priority from your outgoings. If your rent is not paid and you do not engage with us for a resolution, we will seek possession of the property via the County Court. 

We are here to help you, so please contact us as soon as possible if you are having financial problems. Get in touch with your Neighbourhood Housing Officer as soon as possible by calling 01903 737534. 

Check your rent balance 

You can use our online housing portal, i-housing. This will enable you to access some housing services 24 hours a day.  

You can register for i-housing online.  
We will email you a password to the email address you provide. 

If you’re worried about affording your rent 

Get in touch with your Neighbourhood Housing Officer as soon as possible by calling 01903 737534. We also have a Financial Inclusion Officer who can offer support and check whether you are entitled to any benefits.  

There are also lots of organisations that can help, and we have a page dedicated to debt advice and energy efficiency