Coronavirus & Your Annual Gas Safety Check

As your landlord we have a duty to undertake an annual Gas Safety Check at your home.  Where it is safe to do so, we still need to make these checks during the Coronavirus lockdown.  We use a contractor to undertake this task, BSW Heating Limited.   BSW Heating will write to you when your gas check is due, and they will then telephone you to make sure it is safe to visit your home.  Please tell BSW if anyone in your household is unwell.  If BSW decide to visit after the call, please do let BSW in to undertake the gas safety check, this is essential work permitted by Government during the lock down.  All social distancing rules and personal, protective equipment will be observed to protect everyone. 

If you need to report a council house repair (unless it's for gas servicing or breakdowns, see below for further details), the best way to do this is through the I-Housing service. This allows you log calls whenever you need to, and you can track your outstanding reports. Alternatively, you can call us on 01903 737827. Please note that both of these methods will only picked up during office hours. You can also write to the Reactive Maintenance Services at the address at the foot of the page, or visit us at either of our offices to report a problem.

Please see our  Privacy Notice Repairs and  Privacy Notice Planned Maintenance

Coronavirus & Your Electrical Safety Inspection

As your landlord we have a duty to undertake a periodic electrical safety inspection. Where it is safe to do so, we still need to carry out these inspections during the Coronavirus lockdown. 

We use a contractor to undertake this task, P&H Electrical. P&H will contact you when your Electrical Inspection is due, they will telephone you to make sure it is safe to visit your home. Please tell P&H if anyone in your household is unwell. If P&H decide to visit after the call, please do let P&H in to undertake the electrical inspection, this is essential work permitted by Government during the lock down. All social distancing rules and personal, protective equipment will be observed to protect everyone.

Emergencies outside normal working hours

The emergency repair service is only available where there is a risk of personal injury or severe damage to property. In most situations, a temporary repair to make the fault safe or secure will be made by the standby service or a contractor. It can then be reported in the normal way for further action.

Please note that the standby service is for emergencies only and should not be misused. If you call out the standby service and it is found that the repair was not urgent, or has resulted directly from damage or negligence by you, the full cost incurred will be recharged to you.

The telephone number to report emergencies is 01903 737500.


Gas servicing and breakdowns

If you live in one of the Sheltered Schemes.pdf [pdf] 25KB with a communal boiler, you will need to contact K&T Heating on 08000 126 256. This is a freephone 24 hour line. You can also email
For all other council owned properties, your contractor will be BSW Heating who can be contacted on 0800 068 0566. This is a freephone 24 hour line. You can also email

Before allowing anyone in to your property ask to see their identification card. Their Gas Safe Identification card tells you all you need to know about the contractor. The front shows the operative's photograph, name, trading title, Gas Safe registration number and card expiry date. The reverse lists the areas of gas work the holder is competent to carry out, with certificate expiry dates next to each entry if they expire before before the card does. If you wish to check the validity of the card, telephone 0800 408 5500 or visit the website

If in the past you have already installed your own gas appliance which is not currently being serviced, please advise us on 01903 737827 so that the necessary checks and services can be carried out.


Information required when requesting a repair

Please check the table below to make sure the work is not your responsibility. It helps us to deal with your request quickly if you give as much information as possible including:

  • Your name and full address
  • A contact telephone number, mobile number and email address if you have one
  • Access details giving times during the normal working hours (Monday to Friday only) when the Area Maintenance Office or Contractors can visit
  • Please be as flexible as possible when arranging access times (mornings or afternoons) as it is not usually possible to make special arrangements
  • Please give as much detail as you can about the repair that needs to be done.
  • Have you reported the repair before? If so, when?


Tenant's responsibilities


  • Lubricating hinges, locks, catches, fasteners, doors and gates
  • Replacing broken stays to windows
  • Replacing wall and floor tiles where damage is not due to fair wear and tear
  • Repairing and replacing insulation jackets to hot water tanks
  • Minor repairs to plasterwork

Electrical fittings

  • Fitting new fuses, light bulbs and fluorescent tubes


The following apply to all tenants unless in Sheltered Housing
  • Clearing blocked sinks, gullies, wash hand basin and bath outlets
  • Repairing or replacing broken toilet seats
  • Replacing plugs to baths, wash hand basins and sinks
Please ensure that you arrange to have your washing machine plumbed in professionally to prevent unnecessary flooding, especially in blocks of flats or maisonettes


  • Replacing tiles to hearths and surrounds
  • Replacing grates and ash pans
  • Sweeping and/or clearing of chimney flues for solid fuel appliances at least on an annual basis but more regularly for materials other than smokeless coal

Windows, doors, cupboards and woodwork

  • Adjusting and repairing locks and catches to internal doors
  • Refixing handles and tightening screws to hinges and fittings
  • Providing barrel bolts to doors
  • Repairing and replacing letter boxes, door knockers and bells
  • Draught proofing windows and doors
  • Refixing loose shelving, coat racks and similar fittings
  • Replacing keys to all external doors and renewing external locks damaged by occupier or where keys are lost
  • Replacing glazing where broken by tenant, a member of the household or a visitor to the home


  • Repairing fences, garden gates and pathways where not due to fair wear and tear
  • Replacing clothes posts except in communal areas
  • Providing dustbins
  • Keeping gardens and hedges in good condition

Internal decorations

  • All internal decorations, including minor replastering


Priority for repairs

All day to day repairs are allocated to one of four priorities. If further works or new parts need to be ordered these times may be extended
Priority E Response within two hours attended within four hours
Priority N To be completed within 24 hours of being ordered
Priority U  To be completed within 5 working days of being ordered
Priority R To be completed within 20 working days


Access and abortive calls

If a contractor is unable to gain access, they will leave a card asking you to contact them within the next 3 working days to make another appointment. If no reply is received by the contractor, the repair request will be cancelled and the council may seek to recover the cost of the abortive visit from you. If you have requested a repair and you subsequently repair the item yourself or find someone else to do the repair, please notify us on 01903 737827 so that the visit can be cancelled. If you fail to do so you may be asked to pay a charge for this abortive call.

Rechargeable works and services

The Council's responsibilities to repair and maintain its properties are confirmed in your Tenancy Agreement, in the Tenants Handbook, and in the Rechargeable Works and Services Policy. As a tenant, you are also responsible for certain repairs, for example damage caused by you, members of your household or any visitors whether wilfully, recklessly or negligently. Further details of your responsibilities can be found in the table above. If the Council has to carry out a repair that has been identified as a 'tenant responsibility', or is found not to be due to fair wear and tear, it is likely that you will be charged for the works. Full details of the Rechargeable Works and Services Policy can be found at on our Documents page. If damage is caused by vandalism, you must report it to the Police, obtain a crime reference number and then contact us. If damage is caused by a fault of the Council’s you may be able to claim for the cost.


Right to repair

Your council has to fix urgent problems in your home which could affect your health, safety or security within a certain period. If the contractor fails to complete the work on time, you may have the right to ask us to employ another contractor to do the work. In the first instance you should write to the Reactive Repairs Manager at the address at the foot of the page and arrangements may be made for another contractor to undertake the repair. The second contractor has the same amount of time to complete the work as the original contractor. In the event that the second contractor also fails to complete the work on time you may be entitled to compensation under the "Statutory Right to Repair Scheme" - only certain repairs qualify under this scheme and a full list is shown at the end of the section. The compensation entitlement is £10, plus for every day that the repair remains outstanding a further payment of £2 per day up to a maximum of £50 for any one job. The Council is entitled to offset this compensation against any debt you may owe to the Council.


Qualifying repairs for statutory right to repair scheme

Defect Prescribed period in working days
Total loss of electric power 24 hours
Partial loss of electric power 3 working days
Unsafe power or lighting socket or electrical fitting 24 hours
Total loss of water supply 24 hours
Partial loss of water supply 3 working days
Total or partial loss of gas supply 24 hours
Blocked flue to open fire or boiler 24 hours
Total or partial loss of space or water heating between 31 October and 1 May 24 hours
Total or partial loss of space or water heating Between 30 April and 1 November 3 working days
Blocked or leaking foul drain, soil stack or toilet pan (when no other working toilet in the house) 24 hours
Toilet not flushing (when no other working WC in the house) 24 hours
Blocked sink, bath or basin 3 working days
Tap which cannot be turned 3 working days
Leaking from water or heating pipe, tank or cistern 24 hours
Insecure external window, door or lock 24 hours
Loose or detached banister or hand rail 3 working days
Rotten timber flooring or stair tread 3 working days
Leaking roof 7 working days
Door entryphone not working 7 working days
Extractor fan in internal kitchen or bathroom not working 7 working days

Above details taken from Contract for the Maintenance of Council Owned Properties 2011-2020. If you have any queries, please contact the Housing Repairs Team on 01903 737827, or email them at


Larger (Planned Maintenance) Projects

Block refurbishment information relating to ADC Homes

Planned maintenance carry out various works to its blocks including Re roofing, windows, roofline (fascia’s , soffit’s and gutters) , decorating , where applicable there are also programs for CCTV and door entry systems EG; Sheltered Schemes.

Larger scale maintenance projects

Planned maintenance undertake multiple discipline projects where more than one aspect of the building would have failed, an example of this would be where a block was having standard refurbishment works carried out but also had their heating upgraded.

A programme to ensure council properties meet decent homes standard

Planned maintenance undertake over 100 decent homes projects a year, covering kitchen and bathroom and associated upgrades.

Information relating to ongoing planned maintenance of council homes

Arun district council are currently going through and IT upgrade and will in the future be able to provide a much more accurate program of when and how we intend to upgrade its properties.