Report a parking issue

On this page you can:

Report a problem in our car parks

What to do if the ticket machine is broken

Check for another ticket machine in the car park.

If the faulty ticket machine is in one of our car parks, please call: 01903 737655 or email: 

It would be helpful if you could provide:

  • the location of the car park
  • the rough location of the machine
  • the ticket machine number (if possible) which can be found on a notice on the machine located below the display

Broken down vehicles

If your vehicle has broken down or cannot be moved then you must contact our car parks team giving the details of the breakdown and location.

Please call: 01903 737655

If you receive a  parking ticket  (PCN) you will need to make an  informal challenge   providing evidence of the breakdown such as a copy of the recovery vehicle invoice or the invoice of repairs.

Report an illegally or dangerously parked vehicle

If you see a vehicle parked where it shouldn't be then you can report it to us. This might include vehicles:

  • on a yellow line or on double yellow lines
  • in a restricted zone
  • without a valid permit

A Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) on duty nearby will be asked to visit the location and assess the situation. If necessary a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) may be issued.

To report an illegally parked vehicle you can call us on 01903 737655 or email: 

If a parked car is causing an obstruction, or is a danger to other road users please contact Sussex Police on 101, or online at Operation Crackdown:

Operation Crackdown website

Report parking fraud or permit misuse

If you suspect someone of using a parking permit that they are not entitled to, or of misusing it, please report it to us on 01903 737655 or email:  

If you suspect fraudulent use of a Blue Badge, please report it to West Sussex County Council (WSCC):

Any allegation will be investigated in the strictest confidence.

Report problem parking

You can report persistent problem parking where the road is a public highway and parking restrictions are in place (for example: around a school).

Requests for civil enforcement officers (traffic wardens) to attend a particular area can be made by emailing with the following details:

  • the location
  • what the parking restrictions are
  • what is happening
  • approximate days and times

Please note: we do not provide a service where a civil enforcement officer will immediately be sent to a reported location.

Vehicles parked dangerously can not be dealt with by us and is a police matter which can be reported via Operation Crackdown.

Parking in front of driveways

If there is a car parked over your driveway and there are parking restrictions for the road, we can issue a PCN but we do not have the power to remove a vehicle.

If your car is blocked and you need it in an emergency, you will need to contact the police.

However, the police will not respond if it is just a case of a blocked driveway.  

Report damaged or missing street nameplates

We only deal with street nameplates - for example High Street, Worthing Road, Honey Lane.

All other road signs are dealt with by West Sussex County Council Highways department.

To report a damaged or missing street nameplate please email the details to:

If the nameplate is dangerous we will have it removed or made safe within 24 hours.

Please note: If a new nameplate is needed it can take up to 16 weeks for delivery and installation.