Safer Arun Partnership

The Safer Arun Partnership (SAP) is about working together, with communities, for communities. 

The team works to drive down crime and anti-social behaviour across the district with one common goal: to build an Arun that is safer and where people feel safer.

Safer Arun Partners

The Safer Arun Partnership membership includes representatives from:

Priorities and the Partnership Plan

SAP Priorities 2021/2022

The Safer Arun Partnership (SAP) produces an annual Strategic Intelligence Assessment (SIA) report which gives an overview of key areas of work throughout the year and makes recommendations for the following year.  A 5-year Partnership Action Plan has been produced for 2018-2022 and is reviewed annually.

The priorities for SAP over the year 2021/2022 are:

  • Serious violence
  • Serious and organised crime
  • Tackling anti-social behaviour
  • Community engagement and confidence

You can read Safer Arun Partnership SIA 2021 report [pdf] 1MB.

In addition to the Arun District specific community safety partnership, there is also a cross boundary partnership with Chichester.  The Joint Community Safety Partnership addresses common themes to both Arun and Chichester and utilises resources to create the most effective shared responses.

This partnership also makes the most of the local Arun and Chichester policing hub and allows for collaboration between agencies to identify and take action on community based issues that affect both areas.

The Partnership Plan

The Community Safety Partnership for Arun considers its annual priorities through the Strategic Intelligence Assessment. This report forms the evidence to produce a partnership plan for a 5 year strategy. 

Read the SAP Partnership Plan 2021-2022 [pdf] 549KB

Joint Action Group

The Joint Action Group (JAG) is directly responsible to SAP and is set up with the aim of building stronger and more resilient communities and improving public confidence. A wide selection of local agencies and groups work together to identify widespread place based concerns and seek to reduce local crime and disorder.

A co-ordinated multi agency approach is needed to:

  • analyse and deliver proactive initiatives around seasonal crime trends (Halloween, and school holidays)
  • identify emerging community concerns, problem behaviour, and hotspot locations
  • reduce the harmful impact of drugs, serious & organised crime, and exploitation in local communities
  • provide feedback to affected communities
  • listen to the views of local people and to understand their concerns

JAG members

JAG is co-chaired by Arun District Council (Community Safety team) and Sussex Police (Neighbourhood Policing).  Other key members include:-

JAG reporting form

JAG members and community organisations can report persistent and widespread disorder within local areas.

Report a community concern

Please note this form should not be filled in by individuals and is for agency use only.