Social Media Policy

We maintain a number of social media sites to enable us to provide a regular stream of information, news and service updates and to engage and consult with residents. Our social media sites are managed Monday to Friday during office hours.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and questions raised through our social media sites and request that you do not use these channels to post abusive, offensive or inappropriate comments. We reserve the right to remove any comment that we deem inappropriate. Please report any offensive comments to us by emailing us at

As the content of posts should be accessible to as a many people as possible, and because we are unable to effectively moderate content in language other than English, posts in other languages should be avoided. We reserve the right to remove posts that contain content in languages other than English if, in our view, the content could be considered abusive, offensive or inappropriate. We cannot be held responsible for any content which has been posted by a member of the public and we do not endorse such content or the authors who create it.

In order to fulfil our responsibility to comply with the code of recommended practice on local authority publicity, we reserve the right to remove overtly political material.

We do not collect any personal information on our social media channels, except where you voluntarily choose to give us your personal details by enquiring about any of our services (for example via a private message). In this case, the personal data you give us will be used exclusively for providing you with the information you have requested, and then removed from the social media channel.