Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)


About Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) 

Supplementary Guidance Notes are prepared by the Local Planning Authority to provide additional advice and guidance on specific planning issues within the district. They should be read in conjunction with the related policy in the Arun District Local Plan 2003. They are non-statutory documents, but are a material consideration that the council will take into account when considering an application. In addition to which the Council has produced two Supplementary Documents. The Council has produced the following Supplementary Planning Guidance, building upon policies in the Local Plan, providing more detailed advice on particular topics or areas:

These documents can be viewed or obtained from Arun District Council. To receive copies please telephone Planning Services on 01903 737756 or write to us at the address below. 

Changing Places toilets

Arun District recognises that there are a proportion of the population with complex disabilities and impairments but that they need to be able to safely and comfortably spend time away from home.  On this basis the District Council wish to promote the inclusion of Changing Place Toilets in as many suitable developments as possible.

ChangingPlacesGuide.pdf [pdf] 1MB

The leaflet below sets out:

  • What these should incorporate;
  • Where these cane be provided;
  • The benefits of providing these facilities;
  • The potential costs involved;  and
  • How they can be installed.


New Conservation Area 

Craigweil House was designated by Arun District Council on the 15th April 2009 as a new Conservation Area. It should be noted that Craigweil House is now an additional Conservation Area supplemental to the list of Conservation Areas shown in the Supplementary Planning Guidance Document published in October 2000.

Areas of Character Supplementary Planning Guidance 

For information about this, please see the Areas of Character page. 


New Standards for Affordable Housing

On the 21st February 2007 Full Council agreed to use new standards for affordable housing which are in line with PPS3. It was agreed that after 1st April 2007 all applications for affordable housing should be considered against the new standards, which can be viewed on the Housing evidence page.