The Garden of Remembrance

Information for families who wish to scatter or have buried the cremated remains of their loved ones in the Garden of Remembrance.

There are occasions where the family of a loved one may wish to arrange a scattering or burial of cremated remains through Arun District Council’s Cemeteries Service without using a Funeral Director. We can take family bookings directly, and this leaflet is designed to assist families and explains the options and our procedure for doing so. It is a requirement that the scattering of cremated remains on council land is booked through the Cemeteries Service.

Where can I find the Garden of Remembrance?

Two of the council’s five cemeteries have a Garden of Remembrance:

Chalcraft Lane Cemetery

Chalcraft Lane, North Bersted, PO21 5UA

The Garden of Remembrance is located in the central quadrangle off the main driveway. Cremated remains can be scattered within the flower beds which surround the Garden of Remembrance. Cremated remains can be loosely poured into designated but unmarked burial plots within the grassed area.

Littlehampton Cemetery

Horsham Road, Littlehampton, BN17 6LX

The Garden of Remembrance is located in the centre of the cemetery off the main driveway. Cremated remains can be scattered within the flower beds surrounding the Garden of Remembrance. Cremated remains can be loosely poured into designated but unmarked burial plots under the lawn edging stones within the garden area.

How can I book?

  1. Please telephone the Cemeteries Service in the first instance on 01903 737954 to speak to one of our officers and book a mutually convenient time for us to meet at the cemetery to discuss the options with you and agree a date for the scattering or burial.
  2. Before the scattering or burial takes place, you will need to complete and return the appropriate form (we will let you know which one), provide the Certificate of Cremation issued by the crematorium and pay the relevant fee no later than 72 hours before the booking. This is a legal requirement. Without this documentation we cannot proceed with the booking.
  3. A chapel is available at Littlehampton Cemetery should you wish to hold a memorial service prior to the scattering or burial. Please contact the Cemeteries Service for more information

How do I pay the fees?

  1. We will advise you of the current fees when taking the booking, however our current fees can be found at Treble fees shall be payable (for the burial of cremated remains only) if the deceased lived outside of the Arun district.
  2. Our preferred method of payment is online using a debit or credit card at our website You will receive a receipt via email, please forward this to us at as soon as possible. We have a separate leaflet to assist you through this process if you need it.

What will happen on the day?

  1.  An officer from the Cemeteries Service must be present at the time the cremated remains are scattered or buried within the gardens. This is a legal requirement.
  2. If you wish one of our officers to perform a small committal service ahead of the scattering or burial of the cremated remains we can organise this for you for an additional fee. Please discuss your requirements with the Cemeteries Service.
  3. We recommend that you arrive approximately 15 minutes before the time of booking.

What restrictions are there?

  1. Memorials are not permitted within the Garden of Remembrance except for the options provided by the council. We have a separate leaflet which illustrates the options available.
  2. Glass or plastic items of memorabilia are not permitted.
  3. The planting of any plant, shrub or tree is not permitted.
  4. Fresh flowers can be left temporarily following the service which will be removed in due course. Please remove cellophane wrappers.
  5. Items which do not comply with the Cemeteries Regulations may be removed without warning.
  6. You will not own any rights of burial for the burial space used.

Our Cemeteries Regulations can be found online at along with other useful information. These may alter at any time. 

Should you have any queries, please contact us on the details below. 

Arun District Council
Cemeteries Service
Bognor Regis Town Hall
Clarence Road
Bognor Regis
PO21 1LD

01903 737954

Garden of Remembrance leaflet [pdf] 3MB