Alcohol Licensee Toolkit

This page is intended to assist those of you who are responsible for premises that make on and/or off sales of alcohol. It is not a complete library of information, nor should you rely on it as a solution for all the responsibilities placed upon you, but we hope that this page will give you some help, guidance and assistance. If there is anything you believe would be useful for us to add to this page please let us know.

Refusals Log

This can be printed out and kept in your premises where staff can access it and record their refusals. We advise the DPS to check and sign it once a month. In addition to staff being able to refer to it and see if a customer has already been refused, the DPS will be able to identify if any staff are consistently failing to make refusals and discuss if any additional training is required.

Refusal of Sales Log Sheet.docx [docx] 34KB

Risk Assessments

Many licences have conditions attached requiring responsible persons to conduct risk assessments for a variety of reasons. You can use this template for guidance.

Risk Assessment.doc [doc] 47KB

CCTV Requirements

These documents provide information regarding the standards of equipment that should be used and considerations you may need to take into account regarding use of surveillance systems.

CCTV Small Business Guidance.pdf [pdf] 357KB 
CCTV Systems UK Police Requirements.pdf [pdf] 219KB
CCTV in Pubs.pdf [pdf] 40KB

Authorisation to sell alcohol

Every person selling alcohol under the authority of a premises licence needs to be authorised. We recommended the DPS gives authorisation in writing and keeps the document as proof this has been done. Many premises display such authorisation. You can use the template provided here.

Bar Staff Authorisation for supply of alcohol.pdf [pdf] 67KB

Licensed hours and conditions

You should always have a licence summary on the wall of your premises where it can be clearly seen (they are yellow coloured in this district). In addition a copy of the full licence should be kept on the premises and available for inspection at any time.

Licence information is publicly available for every licensed premise in this district and can be accessed via the Public Register.

Guidance for smoking areas and smoking shelters

Pub Watch Schemes

Please contact a licensing officer on 01903 737755 for information regarding and contact details for your local Pub Watch group. The authority provides information and guidance to the groups in the district and will attend meetings upon request where possible.

Staff Training

Many licences have conditions attached required staff receive training on a specified frequency. In absence of a condition requiring this we recommend you re-visit alcohol retail training at a minimum frequency of yearly intervals.

Do not forget to record who was trained, what they were trained and when and to store the records of the premises for officers that may be required to inspect them.

Fake ID

The false ID guidance will assist you to train your staff to ensure they recognise signs of false ID and what to do if they believe ID is fake.

False ID Guidance.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Age Verification Policy

When asked which policy to adopt, officers always recommend a policy whereby staff ask any person who appears to be below the age of 25 for ID to prove they are aged 18 or over. Trying to tell the difference between an 18 and a 25 year old is easier than just trying to gauge if a person may be 18.

Resigning as DPS

If you wish to resign as DPS you must notify the licensing authority and the premises licence holder. You may use the Notices attached.

If you do not resign as DPS when you cease working at a premises you still remain legally responsible in this position. Please contact our officers for advice if required.

DPS Resignation Letter to Licensing Authority.doc [doc] 39KB
DPS Resignation Letter to Premises Licence Holder.doc [doc] 38KB

Poker in pubs

There are very tight restrictions on Poker in pubs please see here for guidance. If you are unsure of what is and is not allowed please contact an officer for advice.

Poker in clubs - revised October 2012.pdf [pdf] 621KB

Counter terrorism - protective security advice

Please see the following: Government counter terrorism information.