Alcohol Licensee Toolkit

If your responsibilities include premises that make on and/or off sales of alcohol then the information on this page will be useful.

It is not a complete library of information and should not be relied upon as a solution for all situations you might face.

If there is anything you think should be added to this page please let us know.

Plans for applications

Where we mention you should send us a plan with an application they should:

  • be 1:100 scale unless we have agreed otherwise
  • show the boundary of the building with any internal or external walls
  • show the perimeter of the premises
  • show entrances and exits to the building
  • escape routes from the building
  • locations of different licensable activities in the building, if relevant
  • where people will consume alcohol
  • fixed or temporary structures (including furniture) which may block entrances or exits to the building
  • the location and height of any stages, steps, stairs or lifts in the building
  • the location of any public toilets in the building
  • the location of the kitchen if relevant
  • the location of any fire safety equipment including
    • the fire alarms
    • emergency lighting
    • illuminated signs
    • fire extinguishers and their type
    • fire doors
    • fire blankets

The information in the plan must be clear and legible and you can include a key of symbols to illustrate the above.

Refusals log

You should print this out and keep it in your premises where staff can use it to record any refusals.

We suggest that the DPS check and sign it once a month.

Staff should check the refusal log to look at previous customer refusals.

The DPS should use the log to check if any staff are not making refusals and discuss with them if they need any extra training.

Refusal of sales log sheet [docx] 34KB

Authorisation to sell alcohol

Every person selling alcohol under the authority of a premises licence needs to be authorised.

We recommend the DPS gives authorisation in writing and keeps the document as proof. Premises can display this authorisation if they wish.

Below is a template you can use if you do not have one of your own.

Bar Staff Authorisation for supply of alcohol [pdf] 67KB

Licensed hours and conditions

You must display the yellow licence summary on the wall of your premises where the public can see it.

You should keep a copy of the full licence on the premises and it should be available for inspection at any time.

Licence information is published on our Public Register for every licensed premises in the district.

Pub Watch schemes

To get more information about Pub Watch you’ll need to register on our online portal.

We can supply information and guidance to the groups in the district and we will attend meetings upon request where possible.

After selecting the button below you’ll need to:

  1. Create an account if you do not already have one.
  2. Select requests.
  3. Select submit a request complaint.
  4. Choose premises licence – alcohol and entertainment in the request subject.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions

Request Pub Watch information

Staff training

Your licence may have a condition that staff must receive training on a specified frequency and you must follow this.

If your licence does not have this as a condition, we recommend that staff take refresher alcohol retail training, at least once a year.

Do not forget to record:

  • which staff took part in the training
  • what the training was about
  • when the training took place

You must store the records at the premises as our officers may need to inspect them.

Fake ID

The false ID guidance will help you train your staff to recognise the signs of a false ID and what to do if they believe an ID is fake.

Age verification policy

We recommend that you use the Challenge 25 policy, this is where your staff will ask anyone who appears to be below the age of 25 for ID to prove they are aged 18 or over.

It is easier to tell the difference between an 18 and a 25-year-old rather than trying to see if a person may be 18 or not.

Resigning as DPS

If you want to resign as DPS you must tell both us and the premises licence holder.

You must be the holder of a personal licence and be named on a premises licence as the DPS.

You’ll need to include the following information if you no longer wish to be the DPS:

  • your personal licence ID number
  • your name and address details
  • the name and address of the licensed premises you wish to be no longer DPS at

Remove yourself as a DPS from a license

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