Court summons

If you do not pay your business rates or keep to an agreement to pay, we will issue you with a court summons.

If you have received a summons and have not arranged a payment plan call us straight away.

If you do not arrange to make full payment including costs, a liability order will be issued by the magistrate’s court which will allow us to use other means to recover the debt.

Contact our Revenues and Benefits Team

Phone 01903 737752

Do I have to go to court to attend the hearing?

Most of the time you do not need to go to court. Over the phone we will try to agree a special payment arrangement, check if you are entitled to any discounts and investigate any unresolved queries.

If you feel you have a valid defence against a liability order being issued, we can also discuss this over the phone without you needing to attend court.

The only valid legal defences against a liability order are either:

  • we have not followed the procedures set down in law when trying to collect your business rates
  • you have paid all the overdue business rates within the time limit given on the last reminder or final notice sent to you

If you believe you have a valid defence against a liability order, please contact us straight away so that we can investigate the matter. We may then withdraw the summons.

How do I pay the amount shown on the summons?

How to pay your business rates