Equality and diversity

Introduction to equality

Arun is a diverse district, containing a wide mix of ages, abilities, ethnicities and people with many other differential characteristics. Arun District Council is determined to create an inclusive environment and to positively address any issues brought about by this diversity, both as an employer and as a service provider. We are committed to creating an environment where equality of treatment and of opportunity is both accepted and expected for all employees, potential employees, and users of Council services. 

How we can help

Disabled access guides from AccessAble

AccessAble have produced a number of detailed access guides for the Arun area. The guides provide detailed guided maps for popular pedestrian routes, and detailed accessibility information for venues such as libraries, council buildings and tourist destinations. The guides are free to download and use and can assist people when planning trips within the area.

Translation services from Vandu Language Services

We are members of a consortium which operates throughout Sussex and enables us to provide translation services for our customers via our contact centre.  If you call us on one of our contact numbers at the bottom of this page, we are able to join a conference call with translation providers who can help us communicate with you.  Please note this service is only available if you call us; currently we are not able to call you back using the translation facility.

Equality of employment

Arun has a commitment to equality of opportunity in employment. If you have a disability which makes it difficult to complete our application form, please contact the Human Resources Department, who will assist you with your application.  You can view a list of vacancies on our jobs page.

Demographics of the Arun area

Population information

We have a population page which contains links to detailed Census and other relevant information about the people who live in our area.  You can learn some official statistics about the people in our area, including information about people within some of the nine protected characteristics.

Employee profiles
The documents below give detailed information about Arun District Council's employee profiles - please note from 2018 the reports were combined into one report:
Please see below a copy of our Facility Time Reporting (since 2018 this is incorporated with the equalities monitoring report above). 

Policies and procedures

Arun District Council works hard to ensure we promote respect and equality in everything we do. We have a number of policies in place to ensure this happens and you can read them by clicking the links below.

Equality and dignity at work policies
The Equality Policy.pdf [pdf] 306KB has been endorsed by Full Council. We also have a Dignity at Work Policy [pdf] 95KB
The full text of the Equality Act 2010 and Public Sector Equality Duty is available here. 
The document below gives detailed information about the nationally recognised equality strands and how they relate to Arun as a district.
Arun District Council's Employee Profile 2018.pdf [pdf] 84KB shows the make-up of people who work at the council.
Pay Policy

Pay Policy Statement Financial Year 2021 to 2022.docx [docx] 34KB

Family friendly policies including f lexible working, maternity, paternity, parental, shared parental and adoption leave