Guidance notes for filling out the event application form

The information below is to be used to support our online events booking form. Select a heading to open guidance for that section. 

Fill out an application form

What you need to complete your application

In order to fill out the event application below is a list of some of the information that you will need to know about your event

  • what is the nature of your event?
  • event location
  • parking requirements
  • do you have valid public liability insurance?
  • what is the nature of the event?
  • will you be having food/drink at the event?
  • do you know what types of food/drink?
  • if you need a power supply, do you know what you power supply will be? I.e. Generator.
  • litter collection and disposal at your event - Do you know how you will be removing litter form the event site?
  • event roles and contact details – i.e. health and safety, food hygiene, overall manager, operations
  • health and safety requirements
  • risk assessment
  • will you be having any temporary structures at the event? i.e. marquees.
  • will vehicles need access to the event site?
  • will you need security staff?
  • do you need to apply for any road closures?
  • water supply

The below lists details additions that could increases the risk attached to your event

  • kids activities
  • alcohol 
  • audience
  • age restricted products
  • temporary structures
  • music being played past 11pm

The minimum amount of cover that you would expected to have is £5 million, larger events may be required to have a higher cover. We are able to advise on any of the above. Please contact events for any more advice: or 01903 737920.

Event location

We have provided maps of our district on this page to help with your event application.

View our event maps

Setting up/clearing away and site maintenance

Tell us if you will need the event site to set up/ clear away and what times you will need the event sites?

Note: All of our event sites are carefully maintained throughout the year to ensure that they are suitable and safe for the public to enjoy. It is the responsibility of event organiser to ensure that they put prevention methods in place when using event sites. Therefore to ensure the longevity of our sites all events will be charged a reinstatement deposit. (See section on Arun’s Deposit policy for more information.) Which remains unbanked until after a site inspection has been completed. A site inspection will be completed within 7 days of the event and you will be notified about your deposit being returned

Food and drink

If you’re having food and drink at your event

  • please provide a contact for who will be responsible for food and drink at your event
  • please provide details of what food you intend to have at the event
  • it is good practice to ask all caterers you intend to have at your event for a copy of their food hygiene qualification, public liability insurance and risk assessment

You might also want to think about

  • are they registered with a local authority?
  • do they display a 3-5 level food hygiene rating?
  • have you been and looked at the premises- does it appear clean?
  • do they have a food hygiene qualification? –  All food handlers will need to have as a minimum a certificate showing level 2 in food and hygiene

Car parks, parking and road closures

Tell us if you need to reserve any of our parks for the event.

Please submit a map of the car park you want to reserve showing how many spaces you need and the times you need them for.

If you want to reserve any parking bays an suspension bay application form must be filled out. (This form allows you to apply to temporarily suspend the use of parking bays for your event. A fee may apply.) 

You can apply for a road closure when completing your event application form. 

Filming at events

If you are thinking of having any filming at your event or having your event filmed e.g. for advertising purposes make sure you ask the public before filming them. You will need to fill out this application form. Fees may apply.


If you want to use your drone to film on any of our sites you will need to apply using this application from. The key points to remember are:

  • avoid using your drone in bad weather such as strong winds or heavy rain
  • you are legally responsible for safely flying your drone. So not flying your drone in any way that could endanger people or property
  • before flying your drone make sure all the parts of the object are working according to the supplier’s manual
  • keep it in sight when flying
  • don’t fly your drone within 50m of a person, vehicles or overhead of groups of people at a height
  • remember it is illegal to fly your drone over congested areas such as streets, towns, cities, public spaces and especially airports. For more information please see visit the CAA.

Licences and authorisations

It may be possible to operate certain events if the correct authorisations are sought from the local authorities licencing department.

Examples of when would need to apply for certain authorisations are if you are:

  • selling alcohol
  • performances of music, dance, plays, playing recorded music
  • collecting money for charity
  • hosting a raffle

It is the event organisers’ responsibility to make sure that they have the correct authorisations for their event. Failure to obtain the correct permissions could result in legal action being taken against the event organiser.

If you have any more questions about permissions you need for your event, please email

More information about licensing can be found on our website.

Health and safety

It is the responsibility of the event organiser to keep all volunteers, invited outside agents/suppliers and the public that attend your event safe. A risk assessment is method to show this. As the event organiser will need to submit a risk assessment and valid public liability insurance. An event management plan may also need to be submitted. You will be advised of this once your event form has been submitted.

Risk assessments

A risk assessment is a process where you look for and identify all hazards associated with your event and put adequate measures in place to ensure the safety of everybody involved. A hazard is anything which has the potential to cause harm. The risk is how likely that a hazard will cause actual harm. When assessing your risks, you also need to consider the severity of the injury that may be sustained.

These are classed as high, medium or low:

  • high - very serious injury that requires hospital treatment e.g. break of major bones, eye injury, fatality
  • medium - injury that requires some medical knowledge, such as first aid e.g. sprains, minor burns and scalds
  • low - everyday injury that you may be able to deal with e.g. graze, bruise, small cut

Children and vulnerable adults at events

All event organisers have a duty of care for all who are involved in the event and attending especially children and vulnerable adults.

It is important to remember when planning your event to think about what steps you might follow if you had a lost child/vulnerable person at risk at the event.

If you need any more information or advice please contact


Please be aware that all of our event sites are in residential areas. Some events can create noise which can cause disturbance to those who live in the surrounding area. An example is amplified music. Therefore we ask that you respectful of this by informing those in the surrounding neighbourhoods before the event about any possible disturbance.

For example: 

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to let you know that our event (name of event) will be taking place on (enter the place your event takes place) at (enter the time of your event). The event will consist of (input some brief information about your event).

Hopefully this will not cause you any disturbance.

If you have any more questions related to the event please contact the event enquires line between 9am-5pm or send us an email.

Kind regards, event organiser of ……………event

Event enquires line:

Event contact email address:

Emergency services

It is a good idea to let the emergency services know about your event, especially if you are having road closures, fireworks or lots of vehicles.

Below are the contact details for all of the emergency services:

West Sussex Police:

Fire service:

South East Coast ambulance service:

West Sussex Highways:

WSCC Highways Maritime and coastguard agency

Promoting your event

We have 6 roadside banner sites that are available to use. If you are interested in using the sites please contact our events officer: or 01903 737920. 

All banners must be put up and removed by the event organiser.

Please remember to not fly post or put advertisements up without the permission of the land owner as it is considered an offence. The signage could be removed without warning and you could end up being charged for the removal and disposal costs.

If, you would like your event poster to be posted on “what's on' page, please email:

Our events deposit policy

All event organisers will be charged a reinstatement deposit.

Deposits are taken from event organisers to cover any potential damage to sites during events. Consideration is given to the nature of the event to determine the level of deposit required (full, reduced or waived*), also to the size and level of risk to the site.

The deposit must be paid 2 weeks prior to the event and will be returned to the event organiser. Once the site has been inspected by a parks officer and deemed undamaged. However should damage have been caused, an amount will be withheld from the deposit to cover the expense of rectifying the damage.

  • full - commercial events
  • reduced (1/2) - locally organised community events which may have some commercial elements
  • waived – charitable, educational or fundraising events

Full deposit amounts:

  • large parks and recreation grounds: £500
  • public open spaces (POS) and small parks: £250
  • low risk sites: £100

*It will be the decision of the events officer to whether the deposit shall be full, reduced or waived.

If you have any questions about holding an event please contact: or call 01903 737920.

Safety Advisory Group meetings

The Safety Advisory Group (SAG) is compiled of the following services:

  • West Sussex Fire and Rescue
  • Sussex Police
  • West Sussex Highways
  • West Sussex Ambulance service

The purpose of the SAG group is to offer advice and set standards for event organisers on the safest way to host their event. However the SAG does not take any responsibility for events and does not make any decisions about whether or not an event will take place. Decisions regarding giving formal consent for events will always remain with us as the Land owner.

It is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure all requirements are in place and all documents and payments have been submitted and approved. Event organisers must ensure all those who are part of the event and attending the event are kept safe. SAG meetings are usually held for larger events that have 2,000 or more attendees, possible road closures and high risk activities such as fireworks. The events officer will be able to advise whether they think a SAG meeting needs to be held.