Missed bin collection

Our crews have until 5pm to finish their rounds. If it was only you that was missed please tell us as soon as possible so we can try to get back to you quickly. You have 2 working days to tell us about the missed collection.

If there’s been a problem the crew will normally put a note through your door or a sticker on your recycling bin. If you are unsure when your collection day is, please use our collection day search.

We will not collect if:

  • your rubbish, recycling or electrical item is not ready from 7am
  • your bin or bag is not near the kerbside where we can see it
  • your recycling contains things we cannot recycle
  • you’ve left out more than 5 sacks of rubbish – the extra sacks will be left behind
  • your recycling is overflowing (unless any excess recycling is dry and left in cardboard boxes or paper bags)
  • your rubbish is not in sacks
  • you’ve left out more than one electrical item or the item is too big for us to collect
  • your general waste bin contained garden waste (garden waste can be taken to a household recycling site or collected fortnightly from your property through the Green Waste Club)

If any of the above has been highlighted as a reason for non-collection, we will not call back to collect. You need to either wait until the next collection or take the rubbish to a recycling centre. For some recycling centres you’ll need to book an appointment.

If your recycling bin contained non-recyclable items please remove them and dispose of them as appropriate.

Report a missed collection