Resident permits

Bognor Regis resident permits

These are only available to those residents living within the Bognor Regis controlled parking zone (CPZ) who do not have adequate off-street parking.

They're for permit holders only parking spaces and shared use bays within the CPZ.

The permit does not guarantee a space, or that one will be available.

Trailers are not allowed in ‘permit holder only’ spaces.


  • (First permit) 6 months is £27
  • (First permit) 12 months is £51
  • (Additional permit) 6 months is £54
  • (Additional permit) 12 months is £102
  • Blue badge holders receive their permit free of charge

Owners of foreign registered vehicles can only apply for a 6 month permit. After 6 months further permits can only be issued if the vehicle has been registered in the UK.

How to apply for a new permit

To apply for a new resident permit, you’ll need to provide the following evidence:

  • proof of your full time address (Council Tax bill, a utility bill or tenancy agreement issued within the last 3 months)
  • proof that you own the vehicle (the vehicle logbook (V5C) or the vehicle insurance document)
  • a copy of the disabled drivers’ Blue Badge (if applicable)

Please then scan and email your evidence to


We’ll send you a reminder when your permit is due to expire. If none of your details have changed, phone us quoting the date on the renewal letter.

Phone 01903 737655

If your details have changed you’ll need to supply supporting evidence as listed above.

Change of vehicle

A charge of £5 applies for a replacement permit if you have changed your vehicle.

You'll need to send:

  • a photo of your old permit torn into 4 pieces
  • proof of your ownership of the new vehicle such as the V5C or insurance certificate

Send your scans or photos to We'll let you know how to pay the charge once we have confirmed your request.

Lost or stolen permits

If your permit has been lost or stolen, you will have to pay a £5 charge for the replacement. Phone us to order your replacement.

Phone 01903 737655

Surrender of a permit

If you wish to surrender the permit before it expires, a refund is made for every full calendar month remaining on the permit. On receipt of the permit a refund is made to the purchaser. The minimum refund is £10.

Permits are not transferable.

Displaying the permit

Permits must be clearly displayed in the windscreen of the vehicle. Failure to do so may result in a parking ticket (Penalty Charge Notice) being issued.