General rubbish

We will collect a maximum of 5 black sacks or one 240 litre wheelie bin of refuse per week. Anything extra will not be collected.

Waste can only be loose if it is in a 240L bin, where it can be tipped on the bin lift into the back of the truck.

Make sure all rubbish is properly contained in tied sacks or a bin. Waste items such as ash, hoover dust, personal hygiene products and animal waste should always be placed in sacks.

Ordering a bin

We do not provide general rubbish bins unless you are in the food waste trial. If you are not taking part in the trial, you will need to buy your own wheelie bin for general rubbish.

You can order a 240L general rubbish bin from our contractors Biffa by calling 08081 965601.

Yes please

  • cooked and uncooked food
  • animal waste and bedding 
  • plastic bags
  • polystyrene
  • glassware such as Pyrex and mirrors
  • sanitary products
  • nappies
  • vegetable peelings
  • teabags and coffee grounds
  • egg shells
  • crisp packets

No thanks

  • electrical items (please place in a carrier bag next to the bin)
  • recyclable rubbish (these can be placed in your recycle bin)
  • garden rubbish
  • soil or mud
  • textiles
  • rubble, bricks, plaster or tiles
  • large electrical items
  • light bulbs
  • carpets

These items should be taken to your nearest recycling centre.

Clinical waste and sharps should not be put in the normal rubbish. Instead you should organise a separate collection for these items.

For more information on this please visit clinical waste and sharps collections.