General rubbish

Residents should ensure their refuse can be collected by presenting it correctly. Refuse should be presented at the designated collection point by 7am on the collection day. The normal collection point is the property boundary, which is where your path or driveway meets the publically adopted road or pavement. If you live in a private road or remote area we may need to designate an alternative collection point. If you have electronic gates your bins should be placed outside of these.

We will collect a maximum of 5 black sacks or one 240 litre wheelie bin of refuse per week. Anything extra will not be collected.

Waste can only be loose if it is in a 240L bin, where it can be tipped on the bin lift into the back of the truck.

Make sure all rubbish is properly contained in tied sacks or a bin. Waste items such as ash, hoover dust, personal hygiene products and animal waste should always be placed in sacks.

Call our contractors Biffa on 0808 196 5601 if you need to buy a bin as we do not supply general rubbish bins.

Yes please

  • cooked and uncooked food
  • pet waste
  • plastic bags
  • polystyrene
  • glassware such as Pyrex and mirrors
  • sanitary products
  • nappies
  • vegetable peelings (these along with egg shells can be composted
  • teabags and coffee grounds
  • egg shells
  • crisp packets

No thanks

  • electrical items (please place in a carrier bag next to the bin)
  • recyclable rubbish (these can be placed in your recycle bin)
  • garden rubbish (you can sign up to our Green waste club for a fee)
  • soil or mud
  • textiles
  • rubble bricks plaster or tiles
  • large electrical items
  • light bulbs
  • carpets
These items should be taken to your nearest household waste site.

Clinical waste and sharps should not be put in the normal rubbish. Instead you should organise a separate collection for these items. For more information on this please visit Clinical waste and sharps collections.


Purchase of wheeled refuse bins

Arun does not supply containers for rubbish. You can purchase a wheelie bin from many hardware stores or garden centers. You can also buy them from our contractors Biffa, by telephoning 08081965601, they are currently available for £42 for a 140 litre wheeled bin and £54 for a 240 litre wheeled bin. We also do not provide black sacks, but these can be purchased from supermarkets or other shops. If you use sacks, please do not overfill them, as this causes them to split or makes them too heavy to lift.


Private or unadopted roads

Residents are normally requested to place their refuse on the boundary of their property on the publically owned highway. If roads are privately owned or unadopted it may be necessary for us to arrange alternative collection points. It may be possible for us to collect from private roads as long as certain criteria can be fulfilled.

  1. Roads must be of sound construction, to a suitable hard surface free of potholes and obstructions.
  2. The road must be not less than 3 metres wide, with no obstructions from overhanging trees or shrubs etc.
  3. There must be a minimum of 5.5 metres height clearance with no obstructions from overhanging branches or cables.
  4. When a through road does not exist, a turning area must exist. A 12 metre long vehicle must be able to turn around in 3 manoeuvres or less.

An inspection is required in all instances, and the manager’s decision on whether this service can be offered is final. Please contact us on 08081965601 to arrange an inspection.


Bulky and large collections

Large or bulky items such as fridges, furniture or rubble will not be taken as part of the weekly rubbish collection. You can take them to your local household waste recycling centre for free, or you can arrange a special collection through our contractors, Biffa. For more information please see the bulky and large collections page or call 08081965601. You could also use a registered waste carrier, a list of which is provided by the environment agency.