Taxi advertising

We must approve all adverts, sign or notices before you can put them in or on the vehicle.

We will check the:

  • quality of artwork and design
  • standard of content
  • position for display on or in the vehicle

Advertising must:

  • promote legitimate businesses, products or services
  • not detract from the easy recognition of vehicles as private hire vehicles
  • not cause widespread public offence
  • not breach legislation such as anti-discrimination or human rights
  • follow the Advertising Standards Agency rules or requirements
  • not interfere with driver or passenger visibility
  • not obscure or detract from the prominence of the driver’s badge, complaint card meter or table of fares

You can only place adverts on:

  • the lower door panels (below window level)
  • wings
  • bonnet
  • rear view window (not side windows) but this advert must not obscure the driver’s view.

Adverts, signs or notices must be suitable or appropriate for children to view.

We will not allow adverts showing:

  • tobacco or e-cigarettes
  • alcohol
  • nude or semi-nude characters
  • sex related acts or anything considered of a sexual nature

All adverts must be durable and of a high standard of design and artwork.

Signs which show membership of a motoring organisation such as the AA or RAC are acceptable.

Signs requesting passengers not to smoke do not require our approval.

To apply

You’ll need to complete the application form on our online portal and send us a copy of the design.

Apply to add advertising to a vehicle