Transitioning housing repairs services to alternative contractor/s FAQs

It has been agreed that the current repairs contract with Osborne Property Services Limited (OPSL) will come to an end on 30 April 2024. This means that we can now plan the future repairs service around tenants’ feedback.

This is in line with our wider strategic approach and our aspirations to deliver services of which we can all be proud.

This page contains answers to questions you may have about the changes. If, after reading through them you still have questions, please contact us on

How will any outstanding work that Osborne have be managed?

The Osborne contract is scheduled to conclude on 30 April 2024. However, any outstanding work that Osborne have will be managed in accordance with our agreement, with Osborne committed to completing such tasks.

Performance during the period from now to the end of the contract will be closely monitored. This approach aims to ensure a smooth transition and timely resolution of any pending work before the conclusion of the contract.

What will happen to the staff that work for Osborne, who will be affected by this decision?

We are in discussions with Osborne Property Services and collaborating with our legal and HR teams to develop a plan to address the impact on affected staff. The details of the resolution are still being considered. We are committed to ensuring that adequate measures are in place to support the affected staff during this transition.

Once the plan is finalised, we will provide an update on any specific arrangements that are appropriate to share.

Has consideration been given to bringing repairs in-house without the need for contractors?

Yes, consideration has been given to this option. We initially advertised the contract via the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). However, the bid we received was not successful in securing a contract. As a result, we are now actively working towards bringing our repairs service in-house, potentially operating under a Direct Labour Organisation (DLO) model. Once details are confirmed, we will inform affected residents of any changes.

How will this transition affect me as a tenant or leaseholder?

We will aim to minimise disruption. You can continue reporting repairs through existing communications channels, the best way to contact us is via our repairs phone number, 01903 737827. The transition is designed to improve services and ensure timely and effective repairs.

Will there be any delays in repairs response times?

We hope not, however, if there are delays that are resulting from this transition, we will try our best to keep you informed. We’d be grateful for your patience but if you are experiencing difficulties in getting through to us on 01903 737827, please let us know by emailing

What is the plan if this decision does not improve tenant satisfaction?

The plan is rooted in proactive contract management and a commitment to ensuring that Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are consistently met. By actively monitoring and managing the contracted services, we are confident that tenant satisfaction will improve.

In the event of any challenges or shortcomings, our strategy involves promptly addressing issues, refining processes, and working collaboratively with contractors to meet and exceed the set KPIs. Continuous evaluation and improvement will be integral to our approach, ensuring that tenant satisfaction is positively impacted over time.

Will there be a lapse in repair services during the transition?

No, we are working to provide you with a seamless transition, however if there are delays or breaks in service, please do contact us on 01903 737827.

Repairs will continue to be addressed during the handover period, and tenants can report issues as usual.

What if I have an emergency repair?

During normal office hours of 8.45am to 5.15pm Monday to Thursday, 8.45am to 4.45pm on Fridays, please contact our office for assistance on 01903 737827. However, if you have an emergency repair outside of these hours, defined as a threat to your life or the fabric of the building, our out-of-hours officers are available to assist you. Please contact them promptly on 01903 737500 to arrange for a call-out so they can ensure the situation is safe.

Will there be specialist support officers that have extensive knowledge of this transition process, in case of staff or customer questions?

Yes, to provide support during this transition process, the housing repairs support team will be able to address any staff or customer questions that may arise.

Additionally, we have implemented a comprehensive communications plan, designed to keep all stakeholders informed and updated throughout the transition, ensuring a smooth and well-informed experience for everyone involved.

When should I consider complaining about any of my repairs?

If you have already requested a repair to your home, and you have not been kept informed of progress, and you are unable to contact us for any reason, please contact our corporate complaints team, we will review your complaint and advise you of our decision as to how we will address your complaint or enquiry. 

With regards to complaint handling, some complaints that include repairs have been ongoing for more than 12 months, will we still be able to access Osborneā€™s portal to understand the repairs history?

After the conclusion of the contract with Osborne Property Services, we will no longer have access to their portal, though we will have data which will enable us to see your repairs history.  In accordance with our corporate complaints policy, any complaints resulting from circumstance which occurred more than 12 months ago will not be accepted.

How can I stay informed about the transition process?

Regular updates will be provided through various communication channels, including our repairs page and social media platforms.

Has the housing ombudsman service been advised of the decision to change our contractor?

Yes, as a courtesy measure, we have informed the Housing Ombudsman Service (HOS) of our decision to change our contractor. Moving forward, we have committed to closely monitor the impact of this change on complaints and we will maintain an open line of communication with the HOS should we need to address any concerns that may arise during this transitional period.

Will there be any changes to the costs of our repairs service?

We are doing everything we can to manage the service within budget. The costs of repairs are being closely monitored by our senior management and finance teams. 

When we get longer term contractors in place, will the use of sub-contractors be restricted?

No, there are no plans to restrict the use of sub-contractors when longer-term contracts are in place. We recognise that there are instances where the engagement of specialist sub-contractors is necessary for specific needs that may not warrant full-time engagement. Therefore, our approach will allow for flexibility, enabling us to leverage the expertise of specialised sub-contractors as needed, without unnecessary restrictions.

Presuming that the interim contractors performed well, would that mean we wouldn't need to go through a competitive procurement process?

No, even if our interim contractors performed well, we would still need to go through a competitive procurement process. This is essential to adhere to fair and due procurement requirements, ensuring transparency, equal opportunity, and compliance with established procurement requirements and procedures.

While performance is a crucial factor, the competitive procurement process remains a standard practice to uphold fairness and open competition in our contracting procedures.

Osborne have been handling our repairs calls, how is this going to be managed when their contract ends?

Effective from 2 April, our staff now manage repair calls. This transition is considered a long-term solution. Whenever you contact us to report a repair for your property, you will speak directly with a member of our housing team.

How will repairs jobs that should be recharged be managed?

There are some repairs jobs that we are aware should attract recharges, we are in the process of developing a recharge policy and scoping out a project specifically dedicated to recharges across housing services. It's important to note that this initiative operates independently of the repairs contractor transition. By establishing a clear policy and dedicated project, we can ensure that recharges are handled consistently and efficiently across our housing services.

Have we considered utilising the armed forces charity for recruitment?

We appreciate the suggestion and acknowledge the potential benefits of reaching out to the armed forces charity to offer work opportunities to out-of-work veterans to fill roles. Whilst this specific avenue has not yet been explored, it is a valuable idea that we will consider as we progress through the transition and future service development.

Note: These FAQs are designed to address common concerns and provide clear, transparent information to tenants, leaseholders, contractors, and the community during the transition process. They will be regularly updated based on feedback and emerging queries.