Using a taxi

If you:

  • are worried do not get into the vehicle
  • feel threatened trust your instincts
  • feel worried while in the vehicle - ask the driver to stop in a busy area and get out of the vehicle

Licensed drivers will not be offended if you ring home to say you are on your way and give the number of the vehicle you are in.

Incidents involving taxis are rare, but some tips below may make you feel safer.

You should:

  • always use a licensed vehicle and driver
  • ask for the details of the vehicle and driver when making the booking and when the vehicle arrives make sure they match
  • note the plate number or registration number of the vehicle you get in or text the details to a friend or family member
  • check the driver’s badge and make sure that the photo is of the driver of the vehicle and that the licence has not expired
  • check the vehicle is from the correct operator if you have pre-booked a taxi
  • make sure you have enough money to pay for the journey or make an agreement with the driver or operator before the journey starts
  • not flag down a vehicle which does not have an illuminated taxi sign or is a private hire vehicle as you will not be insured
  • sit in the back of the taxi

If you want to check if a driver or vehicle is licensed you can check by visiting our licensing public register.

To see the full list of licensed drivers and vehicles you’ll need to:

  • change from the Applications for Consultation tab to the Licence Register tab
  • choose Taxis and Private Hire from the Licence description dropdown
  • click search

To see a specific driver or vehicle you will need to:

  • input the badge or plate number in the Taxi Badge or Plate number field
  • select search

Dogs in taxis

Assistance dogs

If you’re travelling with an assistance dog a taxi driver cannot:

  • refuse to take you because of the assistance dog
  • charge you more because of the assistance dog

Your assistance dog should be seated with you in the rear of the vehicle, preferably in the footwell where its safest for them.

You can ask the driver to move the seat forward so they have enough space to be comfortable when travelling.

If a driver is exempt from carrying an assistance dog, we will have issued an exemption certificate.

Pet dogs

Taxi drivers do not have to accept pet dogs and they can charge more if they accept them.

When booking, tou should mention that you will be with a dog so the taxi operator sends a taxi that accepts dogs.

You must seat your dog in the rear footwell of the vehicle for safety reasons.

The maximum rate of fares for distances within the Arun District 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025

A copy of our current fare card is available here.