Apply To Hold An Event


Following the message from the Prime Minister on 23 March 2020, for the time being, we can no longer support any new or additional event applications. We will continue to review this situation in line with government guidance. The guidance provided was very clear and therefore we strongly urge organisers with existing applications to consider the viability and appropriateness of pursuing events, given the current circumstances.

As a Local Authority we are closely monitoring Coronavirus developments and are following government guidance. For up to date information regarding Coronavirus please visit

As organisers of events, it is always wise to have a plan in place for event cancellation, should that course of action be necessary and to have your emergency strategy well prepared. This should include communicating any changes to your event to those involved (contractors, employees/volunteers and public). You are advised to also consider if there would be a negative audience impact on your proposed event should travel restrictions or closures of buildings become necessary.

All Freedom Leisure Centres within the Arun District are currently closed due to Government restrictions


If you are thinking about applying to host an event on Council land but would like to find out about  availability please fill out the event enquiry form. The events officer will be in contact with you within 7-10 days of the form being submitted to inform you of whether your proposal and dates are viable and what the next step is that needs to be followed. Filling out the event enquiry form doesn’t confirm the dates of your event or provide approval for the event to take place.


Event date enquiry form

If you would like to make an application to hold an event in the Arun area, please complete this application form (Please note, you will need to register the first time you access the system. After this, you will be able to log in using your email address and password.). The form can be long, so we will ask you for a password to enable you to return to it at a later time or date. Partially completed forms are held for 90 days.  You must submit your event form 6 weeks prior  to your event if your event has 500 attendees or less, 8 weeks for events with 500 or more attendees and for events over 1000 please contact us for advice, a longer period of notice may be required. For large events, it is recommended that organisers contact us at least nine months ahead of the event to allow for safe and effective planning of an event. Please make sure you have read our Events Policy before submitting your event application: Events Policy 2019.docx[docx] 211KB. Once your application has been submitted you will be notified when it has been approved and consent given for the event to take place.
For any more guidance on holding an event please see the below link to our Guidance for Event Organisers:  Guidance for the event form v3.pdf [pdf] 257KB


Street parties

There are a few differences between street parties and public events. Street parties are simple, private events and do not generally include activities that require licenses, such as selling alcohol or providing entertainment. They are normally:

  • For residents and neighbours only
  • Publicised only to residents
  • Self organised

You do not need insurance or a formal risk assessment. You will need to provide a plan of the road(s) affected by the event. 

To make an application, please complete the street party application form. For more information, please contact or call 01903 737920.

For further information on how your information is collected if you have submitted an application form . Please see our  Privacy Notice events e forms


Events in Bognor Regis , Littlehampton and  Arundel High Streets

To apply to host an event in either Bognor Regis , Littlehampton or Arundel high Street. You will need to contact West Sussex Highways. The below link will take you to

West Sussex Highways’  events licence application form.

For more information  please contact West Sussex Highways on 01243 777100.


Stage by the sea & bandstands

If you wish to hold an event at either the Stage by the Sea in Littlehampton or either of the bandstands in Bognor Regis (on the promenade or in Hotham Park), please use this application form to book the appropriate area. Please note that these venues are only suitable for small scale performances. For more information about the Stage by the Sea, please refer to Littlehampton Town Council


Public events

Public events require advance planning and the larger the event is, the more detailed the information you will be expected to provide. It is likely you will need:

  • Consent of the land owner
  • Liaison with the emergency services
  • Public liability insurance
  • A management plan/formal risk assessment
  • A promotional campaign including communication with local stakeholders
  • A road closure order, if necessary
  • One or more licences

Below is a list of things you may need to be aware of before you start planning an event:

  • Food hygiene legislation applies to any activity which involves handling food. This also includes drinks such as tea, coffee, and beer
  • You can only provide alcohol if you have permission from the land owner. There are laws in place regarding the sale of alcohol.
  • Street trading consent will be needed if you going to be selling items from a stall in the street
  • You can hold a raffle (lottery) without permission as long as it is unique to the event. Tickets may only be sold at the event and the result of the draw must be announced at the event. If tickets are being sold in advance then your organisation will need to be registered with the local authority.
  • You can only collect money if you have the permission of the landowner or a street collection permit.
  • Music, singing, dancing and sporting activities are likely to be covered by an entertainment licence
  • South East Coast Ambulance Service can provide guidance on first aid provision. 
  • You can advertise your events on our What's On page and on Sussex By The Sea using this event promotion form 
  • You can book promotion banners by contacting Please do not fly-post, as it is an illegal offence under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003. 
Please also consider the following information on event safety and event promotion before you submit an application. 
You are advised to contact the Event Section on 01903 737920 or e-mail to check if your chosen event site is available for the date(s) you would like.  

Keys  for Council Land

Anyone needing access to Council Land for an event or planned works  will be charged a deposit for the loan of keys for the Site.

A deposit of £25 is required for all site keys being loaned from the Council. The deposit must be submitted as a cheque.  A key allocation form will need to be filled out and signed by an ADC officer on both occasions when signing out the keys and when the keys are returned.

For more information on how your detail are held please see the privacy notice: Privacy Notice- Key allocation form


Deposits for events on Arun Greenspaces

Deposits are taken from event organisers to civer any potential damage to sites during events. The deposit must be paid 2 weeks prior to the event and will be returned to the event organiser once the site has been inspected by an officer and deemed undamaged. However, should damage have been caused, an amount will be withheld from the deposit to cover the expense of rectifying the damage.

The deposit amounts are as follows:

  • Large parks and recreation grounds - £500
  • Public open spaces and small parks - £250
  • Low risk sites - £100

Consideration is given to the nature of the event to determine the level of deposit required. The Events officer will decide whether the deposit should be full, reduced or waived. 

  • Full charge - Commercial events
  • Reduced (half) rate - Locally organised community events including arts and fundraising alongside some commercial elements
  • Waived - Charitable, educational or fundraising events