Damp issues

Mould growth is seldom associated with rising damp or penetrating damp.

  • Rising damp may occur where there is no damp-proof course or it is in disrepair allowing water to enter the wall structure. This usually shows as a tide mark no more than a metre or so above floor level but is rarely associated with mould growth.
  • Penetrating damp may be a result of defective brickwork, holes around pipework to the outside, leaks to roofs or blocked and overflowing guttering. This will often show as a defined damp patch on a wall or ceiling which may appear stained. Again, this is rarely associated with mould growth.

Inform your landlord or agent

Where rising or penetrating damp is found, notify the landlord or agent as quickly as possible of the issue so that work can be done to fix the problem. Follow the same steps as disrepair issues.

Contact us if your landlord does not respond properly, fails to make repairs or tries to evict you.