Disrepair issues

If you are renting a property that is in disrepair or has maintenance or amenity issues you should:

  1. Discuss the issues which are concerning you with your landlord or agent.
  2. If your landlord or agent does not respond or is not prepared to undertake any remedial work to deal with any disrepair or maintenance issues you must then:
    • put your request to them in writing detailing each issue
    • ask for a written response within a specified period (you should give at least 14 days response time)
  3. Keep copies of all correspondence (letters and emails are acceptable but texts, tweets, Facebook messages or other social media messages are not considered as appropriate written contact).
  4. Contact us if your landlord does not respond properly by the date you have requested, fails to make repairs or tries to evict you.

Issues relating to being cold, heating or insulation

There is a lot you can do to stay warm in your home and keep your energy bills down. For further information on staying warm please view our energy efficiency page.

Please note: we cannot help where a working heating system is present but is too expensive to operate.