Council Tax Reduction


How to claim

You can now claim online using our online Citizen Access.


Different schemes for pensioners and working age claimants

Arun awards Council Tax Reduction (CTR) to both working age and pension age claimants. However, there are different rules for each group.

Pension age

The scheme for pensioners is set by central government. The Citizens Advice website can show you how CTR is calculated.

You can view the regulations for the pension age CTR scheme here: The Council Tax Reduction Schemes (Prescribed Requirements) (England) Regulations.

Under pension age

How much will I get?

The amount of reduction you will receive is based on your weekly income.


Weekly Income

Income Band

% reduction off your council tax

£0 - £175



£175.01 - £225



£225.01 - £275



£275.01 - £325



£325.01 - £375



If you have savings of more than £6,000 you will be unable to apply for CTR.

You will not receive any CTR if your entitlement is less than £5.00 per week.

Full details on our policy for working age claimants are here: Arun S13A Scheme 202021 v1.1.pdf [pdf] 929KB


Extra help with paying

Customers who are in severe financial difficulties and are already in receipt of CTR can apply for a Council Tax Discretionary Relief (CTDR) payment. CTDR is an extra award that can cover the shortfall between your CTR and your weekly council tax charge. You cannot claim CTDR unless you are in receipt of council tax reduction.

Contact us for a claim form or use our online form.

You can view the CTDR policy here.


Change of circumstances

You can find out what changes you need to tell us about and how to do it here.

See our guide to understanding your decision notice.