Information for Landlords



Landlord Portal

You can now manage your Housing Benefit payments using our Landlord Portal. If you haven’t yet registered, please email with the title ‘Landlord Portal’ and we will get back to you.

For help using the portal, please read the  Landlord Portal Guide.pdf [pdf] 198KB

Please be aware the link for signing up or logging into your online account will take you to our partner website hosted by Northgate. The URLs are completely safe and Arun approved.


Universal Credit

If you have a new tenant, they are likely to be on Universal Credit as we can’t accept new Housing Benefit claims in most cases. Information for landlords about Universal Credit is available from


Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit is not rent. It is a means-tested benefit and we award it to help claimants pay their rent. We are not responsible for paying rent to you, the tenant is.


If your tenant is claiming benefit

If your tenant is claiming or applying for housing benefit, some information may be requested from you.

Your tenant may ask you to complete a Landlord Declaration Form.

Unless you are receiving the payments, the details of the claim are confidential. If benefit is being paid directly to you, we can only tell you:

  • The weekly entitlement
  • When benefit starts and finishes
  • When the entitlement changes
  • Payment dates

We cannot provide additional information without the written permission of the claimant.


Your responsibilities as a landlord

If you are receiving direct payments of Housing Benefit, you must tell us immediately of any changes in your tenant's circumstances that may affect their benefit. This includes:

  • your tenant moving out of the property, even if they are still liable for rent
  • changing the amount of rent charged
  • finding out that your tenant has started work
  • your tenant has a partner who moves into the property with them

We expect you to make regular checks to confirm that your tenant is still living at the property where you are receiving Housing Benefit payments.

If you knowingly withhold information from us, or deliberately fail to report a change in your tenant's circumstances, we may decide that you have committed benefit fraud.


How benefit is paid

Benefit is normally paid directly to the tenant, however, there are some exceptions to this.


If the tenant is considered vulnerable

It is the decision of the council whether a tenant is vulnerable, and we will require evidence to make this decision.

To see details of this policy please see the Payment to Landlords Policy.


If rent is more than 8 weeks in arrears

If your tenant’s rent is more than 8 weeks in arrears, we can pay housing benefit directly to you even if the tenant has not requested us to.

Please complete a Landlords' statement of arrears form and return it to us at the Littlehampton address below. 


Landlords' Forum

Arun District Council hold a forum with local landlords. They are held 3 times a year to enable landlords to raise issues of concern, exchange views and opinions and support each other. We take the opportunity to update landlords on legislation and provide information on developments within the council.


Local Housing Allowance

The Local Housing Allowance (LHA) arrangements apply to those renting from private landlords. They are affected by the area the property is in and the size of the household. The rates are set by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA), and you can see which area a property is in by using this LHA checker.