Cemeteries regulations - 3. Definitions

3.1. A ‘grave’ shall mean a burial place formed in the ground by excavation without any internal wall, brickwork or stonework or any other artificial lining.

3.2. ‘Arun District Resident’ shall mean any person residing in the Arun District.

3.3. ‘Authorised Officer’ shall mean the Officer appointed by the Council to carry out the administration and management of the Cemeteries.

3.4. ‘BRAMM Blue Book’ shall mean the 2018 version of the ‘Reference Guide for Memorial Masons & Cemetery Personnel complying with BS 8415:2018’ and any future updated version/revision.

3.5. ‘BS 8415’ shall mean the 2018 British Standard specification for memorials in burial grounds and memorial sites and any future updated version/revision

3.6. ‘Burial’ shall mean any interment in an earthen grave or vault.

3.7. ‘Cemeteries’ refer to the Cemeteries provided by the Council at: Ford Road, Arundel Town Cross Avenue, Bognor Regis Chalcraft Lane, North Bersted, Bognor Regis Horsham Road, Littlehampton Findon By-Pass, Findon

3.8. ‘Council’ shall mean Arun District Council acting as the Burial Authority for the Arun District.

3.9. ‘Cremated Remains’ shall mean the remains of the deceased following cremation. Also referred to as the ‘ashes’ of the deceased.

3.10. ‘Fees & Charges’ shall mean the fees and charges from time to time in force for the use of the Cemeteries and the services available.

3.11. ‘Funeral’ shall mean the event of burying human remains including a service at the grave side. Funerals in the Council’s cemeteries are public events and may be advertised.

3.12. ‘LACO’ shall mean The Local Authorities’ Cemeteries Order 1977.

3.13. ‘Memorabilia’ shall mean any authorised adornment placed upon a grave, for example; plants, flowers, seasonal/celebratory decorations.

3.14. ‘Monumental Mason’ shall mean any professionally qualified individual or company to undertake the installation and/or repair of any memorial in accordance with BS 8415.

3.15. ‘Non-Arun District Resident’ shall mean any person not residing in the Arun District.

3.16. ‘Officiating’ shall mean the occasion where the Authorised Officer is requested to either lead a short service at the graveside and/or inter the remains of the deceased.

3.17. ‘Owner’ shall mean the owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial unless otherwise specified.

3.18. ‘Putlogs’ shall mean a short horizontal beam, often of timber, used to support a coffin over a grave before committal

3.19. ‘Scattering’ shall mean the loose pouring of ashes onto the ground at agreed locations

3.20. ‘Shoring’ shall mean the temporary supports used to support the walls of a grave during the grave digging process.

3.21. ‘Un-authorised memorabilia’ is further defined in Section 10 but shall mean any memorabilia which has not been authorised by the Council.

3.22. ‘Unpurchased, public or common grave’ shall mean a grave space wherein the exclusive right of burial has not been purchased. The Council has the right to undertake the burial of an unrelated person in an unpurchased grave. The only type of memorial permitted on an unpurchased grave is a vase or tablet.

3.23. ‘Vault’ shall mean an underground burial place of any description which is walled.

3.24. ‘Webbing’ shall mean the strong woven fabric used to lower a coffin into a grave.