Cemeteries regulations - 6. Grave allocation

6.1.1. Grave spaces are used in strict consecutive order or as required by the Authorised Officer. Selection of a grave space out of sequence or rotation is at the discretion of the Authorised Officer, and subject to an additional premium as ascribed in the Fees and Charges and based on grave space availability. Grave purchase outside the current section is not permitted.

6.1.2. A grave plot can be reserved, without payment, for a period of not more than 28 days. A purchase form shall be sent to the purchaser and shall be completed and returned with the appropriate fee to the Cemeteries Office within that time.

6.1.3. If the appropriate form and fee has not been received to formally purchase the plot within 28 days, the Council reserves the right to make the plot available for use.

6.1.4. A maximum of 3 graves may be purchased at any one time in advance of any planned burial. Reservation and/or purchase of consecutive graves beyond this allowance is not permitted regardless of whether either one or more of the graves is intended to be used immediately after purchase. The purchase of additional graves shall incur an additional fee and is at the discretion of the Authorised Officer.

6.1.5. The Council shall mark every grave space according to the official plan.

6.2. Return a burial plot to the council

6.2.1. If the purchased rights to a grave is no longer required, it is possible to apply for a refund. An administration fee shall apply.

6.2.2. Where the fee has been paid for the purchase of the Exclusive Right of Burial for a fixed term, the refund shall be reduced by the period of the term which has already elapsed, in addition to the administration fee. For example, for a 30-year term with 27 years remaining, the refund shall be 90% of the original fee paid, in addition to the administration fee.

6.2.3. A Form of Assignment shall be completed transferring the burial rights back to the Council.