Cemeteries regulations - 4. Management and maintenance of cemeteries

4.1. The Cemeteries shall be open to the public 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, unless otherwise determined by the Authorised Officer. However, on occasion and at the discretion of the Authorised Officer, Cemeteries may be closed and shall not be accessed by any person without the permission of the Authorised Officer.

4.2. Any memorial or other grave adornment not compliant with these regulations may be removed by the Authorised Officer without warning.

4.3. All persons entering the Cemeteries shall be subject to the orders and control of the Authorised Officer.

4.4. Any application form relating to the grave or other service may be obtained from the Cemeteries Office or the Council’s website.

4.5. The Council works closely with its ground’s maintenance contractor Tivoli Group Limited to maintain each of its Cemeteries in an appropriate and caring manner.

4.6. Lawn mowing is undertaken regularly during the spring, summer and autumn.

4.7. Grass areas in older sections may be allowed to grow long to encourage biodiversity, but where this impedes access to visited graves the grass shall be mown within 24 hours (during Office hours). Grass areas in older sections shall then be mown in July/August. Wildflower sowing shall also be introduced to also help contribute towards improving habitats for pollinators. The Council has other procedures in place which seek to enhance biodiversity throughout its Parks and Greenspaces estate. Cemeteries and closed churchyards offer an important wildlife refuge when maintained appropriately and sensitively.

4.8. Hedge trimming, and shrub pruning are typically undertaken in August or winter periods.

4.9. Tree maintenance is carried out periodically in consultation with Arun District Council’s Tree Officer.

4.10. Litter picking, and bin emptying are carried out at least twice weekly.

4.11. There may be a ‘Management Plan’ referring to the maintenance and management of individual Cemeteries.

4.12. From time to time volunteers may work on behalf of the Council to assist in the maintenance of the Cemeteries. All volunteers are subject to the direction of the Authorised Officer.

4.13. Risk assessments are undertaken at least annually