Providing support for economic growth

We are looking at opportunities to regenerate our towns and provide the right environment to encourage economic growth.

Parking plays an important role in the viability of any regeneration scheme. Poor parking can cause stress and make a visit to an area less enjoyable, so we are aware of how good parking provision influences where people choose to visit.

Various car parks in the district have been identified as potential sites for redevelopment. For example, we are hoping that an application to the Levelling Up fund will be successful and allow regeneration schemes such as the Littlehampton Seafront Strategy to be progressed. Included in this strategy is a redesign of the West Green car park.

Any scheme which involves the development of car parking sites will look to achieve an equivalent number of parking spaces.

We work with numerous partners to support events across the district, many of which rely on availability of our car parks, to encourage growth of the local economy.

Action points

Keep all sites under review with regard to potential development.

Work with organisers and other partners to support events.