Appendix B

Action plan, timetable, measure of success


Action plan, timetable, measure of success



Measure of success

1. Apply annually for Safer Parking Award


Award applied to all ADC off street car parks.

2. Carry out a review of the planned maintenance program to ensure the highest priorities for improvements are made.


Investments in car parks are well planned ensuring all priority works are completed.

3. Alongside planned maintenance review the investment strategy ensuring the car parks are of high quality, safe, sustainable, attractive and fit for the future. 


Year on year improvements to car parks leading to improved customer experience and increase use of car parks.

4. Regular health and safety checks for all car parks.


Minimal or no accidents taking place in car parks.

5. Support Installation of electric charging points in the councils public parks.

From 2022

Maximising provision of more electric charging points for customers through the West Sussex scheme.

6. Support initiatives that look to promote and develop renewable energy.


Reduction in carbon use in line with carbon action plan.

7. Keep all sites under review with regard to potential development.


No loss of parking spaces whilst improving facilities.

8. Work with organisers and other partners to support events.


Events taking place to help support and develop the local economy.

9. Keep under review differential charging tariffs, including seasonal charges.


Maximising use of car parks in a way that supports the needs of businesses, workers, shoppers, commuters, and visitors, whilst looking to optimise yield from parking in line with the corporate charging principles.

10.Web site for parking kept up to date and enabled for customer feedback.


Positive customer feedback.

11. When car parks are refurbished review type and size of spaces.


Better provision for customers maximising car park use.

12. All Pay & Display machines to be contactless and and accept cash by 2024.

2024 or sooner if achievable

Reduction in cost of cash collection whilst providing a convenient service for customers.

13. Keep up to date with changing technologies.


Provision of cost effective and customer friendly parking service.

14. Annual car park report.


Aimed at continual improvement of parking services.