Publication Scheme


As a Local Authority, we are required by the Information Commissioner Office (ICO) to make certain information publically available. This is known as the Publication Scheme. Below is a description of each section of the scheme and links to where the information can be found. This page is under construction and is being continually added to.


Who we are and what we do

Council constitution - available on the Constitution page
Council democratic structure - available in the Your Council pages
Organisational chart - available on the Chief Officers page
Location and opening times of council properties - available on the Contact Us page
Currently elected councillors' information and contact details - available on the Arun District Councillors page
Contact details for all customer facing departments - available on the Contact Us page
Most recent election results - available in the Voting & Elections pages
Relationships with other authorities - we work closely with other authorities including West Sussex County Council.


What we spend and how we spend it

Financial statements, budgets and variance reports - available on the Financial Information page
Capital programme - major plans for capital expenditure - need to find
Spending reviews - available
Financial audit reports- available on the Financial Information page
The members' allowances scheme - available on the Members' Allowances page
Staff allowances and expenses - available
Pay and grading structure - available
Election expenses - available
Procurement procedures - available on the Procurement Process page
Contract and tender details (over £500) - available on the Local Government Transparency Code  page
Details of grants to the voluntary community and social enterprise sector - available 
District auditor's report - available
Financial statements for projects and events - available
Internal financial regulations - available on the Constitution  page
Funding for partnership arrangements - available

What our priorities are and how we are doing

Annual reports - available
Strategies and business plans for services provided by the council - available
Best value local performance plan - available
Internal and external organisation performance reviews, including external audits - available on the Financial Information pages
Strategies developed in partnership with other organisations - available
Economic development action plan - available in the Business & Regeneration pages
Forward plan - available on the Forward Plan page
Capital strategy - available
Best value performance indicators - available
District auditors reports on best value performance - available on the  Financial Information page
Inspection reports - available
Local area agreements - available
Statistical information produced in accordance with council and departments requirements - available
Impact assessments - available
Privacy impact assessments - available
Service standards - available on the  Departmental Policy Documents section
Fileplans - available
Public service agreements - available on the Statements & Policies page


How we make decisions

Timetable of council meetings - available in the  Meetings, Minutes & Agendas pages
Agendas, officers reports, background papers & minutes for sub/committee & standing forums - available in the Meetings, Minutes & Agendas pages
Major policy proposals and decisions - available in the Meetings, Minutes & Agendas pages
Facts & analyses of facts considered when framing major policies - available
Public consultations - available 
Internal communications guidance - available
Policies and procedures for delivering our services - available in the Regulation & Transparency pages
Pay policy statement - available  Pay Policy Statement Financial Year 2020 to 2021.docx [docx] 34KB
Policies and procedures about the recruitment and employment of staff - available on the Jobs at Arun page
Customer service - available in the Regulation & Transparency pages
Records management and personal data policies - available on the Privacy Policy page
Charging regimes and policies - available on the Financial Information page


Lists and registers

Public registers and registers held as public records - available through the Public RegisterPlanning Application SearchApplication Search Post 1987, and Building Control Application Search
Asset registers and information asset register - available on the Assets of Community Value page
CCTV - Arun District Council is not responsible for the operation of the CCTV in the area
Disclosure logs - we are currently working on producing a searchable disclosure log
Register of councillors' interests - available on the Register of Members' Interests page
Senior officers' declarations of interest - available
Register of gifts and hospitality available
Highways, licensing, planning, commons, footpaths, etc. - available through WSCC Highways departmentLicensing and Planning pages
Register of electors - available to view in person at either of our offices. The Voting & Elections pages hold further information


Services provided by the council

Regulatory and licensing responsibilities - available on the Licensing pages
For other businesses - available
For other organisations - available
For members of the public - available
For which the council are entitled to recover a fee, and the fee - available on the Financial Information page
Information for visitors to the area - available on the Local Information and Events & Leisure pages, through Sussex by the Sea and Freedom Leisure 
Leaflets, books, newsletters - available
Advice and guidance - available
Media releases - available on the News Archive page
Election information - available in the Voting & Elections pages



Departmental policy documents

Environmental Health and Private Sector Housing A Guide to our Services.pdf [pdf] 768KB

Enforcement Policy July 2019 updated April 2020.pdf [pdf] 609KB

Enforcement Policy Leaflet.pdf [pdf] 208KB

General Environmental Health Service Standards.pdf [pdf] 11KB

Private Housing and Public Health Service Standards.pdf [pdf] 104KB

Pest Control Service Standards.pdf [pdf] 100KB

Pollution Service Standards.pdf [pdf] 98KB

Health and Safety Service Standards.pdf [pdf] 18KB

Licensing Service Standards.pdf [pdf] 34KB

Dog Warden Service Standards.pdf [pdf] 15KB

Food Safety Service Standards - June 2019.pdf [pdf] 371KB

Health Safety Service Plan 2019-20.pdf [pdf] 339KB

Food Service Plan 2019-20.pdf [pdf] 719KB

18-01-19 Property Investment Strategy 2017-2022.pdf [pdf] 279KB

Draft ADC Health and Safety Policy - Organisational Responsibilities Section.pdf [pdf] 262KB

Full Council HS Policy March 2019 FINAL.doc [doc] 66KB

Health and Safety Policy Statement updated February 18 original.pdf [pdf] 437KB